We’re so much more than ABC’s!

Kangaroo Kids is so much more than core competency learning and ABC’s. See our list of fun and unique activities the kids LOVE to learn!

Kangaroo Kids offers enrichment programs to expand the learning opportunities available for children. These onsite activities allow children to experience many different activities such as music, dance, computers, and gymnastics, without adding more commitments to parents’ already busy schedules. Many of these programs are extensions of our school curriculum, but they allow children to spend more time increasing their knowledge and skills in these areas. The fees are established by the program coordinator. Programs vary throughout the year, depending on the level of interest. Suggestions from parents interested in additional enrichment programs are always welcome. Below are some of the opportunities available.
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Music Appreciation

Music has a tremendous carry over to academics as children learn patterns needed for math skills, auditory discrimination for language development. Cultural awareness is heightened as they sing and hear sounds from around the world. Music has proven to be a strong means of communication with children because of its soothing effect, focusing ability and pure enjoyment of rhythmic movements and verbal responses.


Chinese Lessons

“nǐ hǎo” Brain research indicates language learning should occur in the early years. The basics of skills of speaking, hearing and recognizing Chinese characters are introduced in an individualized manner based on each child’s readiness.



Teaches life skills such as confidence, discipline, focus, determination, goal setting, respect, as well as building fitness.


Splish-splash your way to summer fun! Keep your child safe near the water by learning to swim. Our onsite heated pool provides a perfect environment for safe summer fun!


Computer classes have an age appropriate curriculum and are an extension of what children learn in the classroom computer activities. Using fun programs, children will focus on familiarity with keyboard, mouse and basic computer skills.


This program teaches the art of dance, exercise, and aerobics to children as a creative and healthy experience. The benefits include enhanced self-esteem, exercise, memorizing choreography, following instructions and having fun!


Hola, prepare now for our multicultural world by learning the basics of Spanish through song and fun activities.

Field Trips

Field trips are an opportunity to extend learning beyond the classroom! We welcome parent involvement in these hands on learning adventures. We travel to science centers, planetariums, zoos, museums, aquariums as well as go on pirate adventures, medieval trips, and other fun, fitness and educational experiences.


Basic soccer skills are introduced, including kicking, dribbling as well as simple age appropriate rules. Children learn soccer through play and developmentally appropriate structured activities.


Many of the teachers do yoga activities in the classroom and from time to time we have specialized yoga teacher visit. Yoga develops the mind, body, and spirit. It promotes strength, balance, concentration while encouraging a healthy lifestyle and balanced, peaceful approach to life.


Cooking provides a fun way to learn math skills by measuring, science skills by making predictions and observing what happens when different substances are mixed together, as well as building an environment that encourages teamwork, responsibility, and positive social interactions.

Community Service

Community Service is an important aspect of preparing children for the future. We can make a difference by giving our time, energy and resources to others to make the world a better place. Community Service is a year round tradition at Kangaroo Kids Child Care & Learning Center. Young children can understand the importance of helping others by role modeling significant adults in their lives and by being included in events that give back.


Children are naturally curious, they can learn many lessons through gardening. Here are just a few!
Science – by understanding the life cycle of a plant and what plants need to grow.
Math – by measuring the space, counting seeds, spacing the seeds, or comparing the sizes of seeds, and using a rain gauge.
Art – by creating their own row marker.
Language & Reading – as children read books about gardening, look at seed catalogs and find recipes for their harvest.
Gardening can teach children how to be responsible and care for something (feeding, weeding and watering) and give them a sense of accomplishment as they watch what they nurture grow. Gardening also teaches patience, as they must wait and watch as plants thrive in their well-tended garden.
Besides what child doesn’t like to play in the dirt, make mud pies, or check out the bugs and worms?

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Technology plays an important role in today’s world. Even two year old children look on any screen as a touch screen. It is important to make sure technology is used appropriately with young children and they are prepared for the future. Kangaroo Kids is one of the only child care programs to have a smart board. Children will experience technology through computers, iPads, smart boards and cameras. Children will learn to use technology for communication, research, and problem solving as well as enhancing curriculum skills in math, science and literacy.

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Family Events

Kangaroo Kids believes the best learning environment for children is when parents and teachers partner by sharing ideas and building relationships. We provide many opportunities for busy parents to be involved at times that are convenient for them in our family centered events. We have In House Events like Muffins for Mom, Donuts for Dad, Grandparents Tea and Winter Wonderland. We host community service activities including our Giving Tree and Family Carnival. Parents are always welcome to attend any of our field trips or school wide performances. In addition we have educational and informative events like parent workshops, Back to School Night and Science Fairs.

Family Events