Questions frequently asked by future Kangaroo Kid parents

Our goal at Kangaroo Kids is to provide a creative, safe, fun, family friendly educational experience where children develop a love of learning in an environment that is positive, caring and professional. The early nurturing of self-confidence and a love of learning will have benefits that can last a lifetime.
Kangaroo Kids has educated and cared for over 3,000 children over their 25 year history.

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  • Kangaroo Kids is a State Licensed and accredited program…one of only 7% of the schools nationwide to be accredited!
  • We are renown members of CITE, NAEYC, and NJCCA…the industry’s leading associations.
  • We were the only school in Somerset County to receive the Christi Todd Whitman Bright Beginnings Grant and we also won the Somerset County Economic Vitality Award.
  • Kangaroo Kids was selected to participate in a statewide Early Childhood Education Science Workshop for teachers.
Learning begins in our infant room, as we encourage a love of reading and the foundations so crucial for future educational experiences. Our preschool program covers the traditional reading & literacy, writing, math and science, but we also include foreign language, self-help skills, and a vast array of creative experiences.

  • Enrichment activities beyond the regular academic curriculum are offered in computer, dance, gymnastics, karate, and music.
  • Our creative curriculum is developmentally appropriate and academically successful.
  • All teachers prepare a weekly lesson plan based on the themes and subject matter of the school curriculum that cover all the domains of learning.
  • Children learn best in our hands on environment, with opportunities to explore and investigate with experienced teachers who through careful planning and engaged interactions scaffold their learning.
Graduates from Kangaroo Kids transition to higher education smoothly being well prepared and confident to meet the new demands of learning. Numerous children have graduated to become part of gifted and talented programs within their school system.
Our facility is secure at all times. Parents enter through a secure entrance with a pass code. All visitors must gain admittance by being buzzed in by the office.

  • Anyone who picks up your child has an individualized fingerprint sign in.
  • Kangaroo Kids in conjunction with the Branchburg Police Department has an all-inclusive approved Emergency Management plan including evacuation procedures, fire drills, and emergency management procedures.
Enrichment activities beyond the regular academic curriculum are offered in computer, dance, karate, soccer, swimming and music, Mandarin, Chinese and Spanish.
We are proud of our caring professional team, together they represent one of the most experienced child care teams in the state. They are focused on welcoming the whole family to be part of our program. A core value at Kangaroo Kids is that we create a partnership with parents. We believe that provides the best environment for children to flourish and we welcome & encourage parents to partner with us in their child’s care & education at all times! We value parents input & involvement.

  • All staff members are fingerprinted.
  • All staff members have a Criminal Abuse Allegation Check.
  • All staff must have letters of recommendation.
  • Education is a crucial part of quality curriculum and staffing. Our lead teachers are required to have a minimum of 20 hours per year of continuing education and all of them far exceed that minimum.
  • Kangaroo Kids believes strongly in continuing education and has sent more teachers to the state conference than any school in the area. In an effort to continually expand the knowledge base of our teachers we have a weekly lunch and learn meeting.
  • Turnover is a key issue nationwide! Did you know that our Director, Administrators, and teachers have a combined total of over 189 years of service to Kangaroo Kids?
We maintain the highest standard of health procedures including endless hand washing and daily cleaning of toys and materials.

  • We have pink “Wash Me” bins, where toys are removed from circulation if children put them in their mouths until we put the toys through the dishwasher to sanitize.
  • Our dismissal policies are strict and anyone picking up must have written approval from the parents and present a photo id upon picking up any child.
  • Children are closely supervised at all times.
  • The Department of Children and Families (DCF) requires one person on staff to be CPR and First Aid Certified. Kangaroo Kids certifies most of our entire staff!
We have low teacher student ratio’s… Our ratios are better than all DCF mandated ratios! We believe time to interact with your child is crucial to our program and the success of our students.
Our children have an opportunity to experience nature at its finest. Our playground, which is one of the largest in the area, utilizes the latest equipment, and features 3 separate sections…one for the each individual age group. Our facility also includes an onsite heated pool, where children learn to swim in a safe environment. In addition, a neighborhood park provides our children with a variety of environment and opportunities to explore nature and experience a large variety of large motor-skills adventures.

Kangaroo Kids is one of the only schools in the area to have their very own garden. The families, and their children, enjoy our safe, country-like setting – away from the congestion and traffic of busy highways. A memorable highlight is our walks to a nearby farm to visit the horses, & listen to the roosters.

Anytime there is space available.
No, we work with your family regarding the timing and procedures that are best for your family.
6:30 am – 6:30 pm.
The costs are based on the number of days and hours- Contact us with the schedules you are considering and we can give you pricing information.