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October Is Fire Safety Month

October is National Fire Safety Month! Have you replaced your smoke detector batteries and planned an emergency evacuation point for your family? Kangaroo Kids will be teaching the children all about fire safety and how to keep themselves and their family’s safe this month. Kangaroo Kids Child Care and Learning Center has fire safety as [...]

Kangaroo Kids Turns 25!

Recognizing the need for quality care for young children, Kathy Feigley established Kangaroo Kids in 1991 as a small school in Middlesex County. As the school grew, a larger facility was required and renovations were begun on a building in historic North Branch in 1997. Although the new Kangaroo Kids is a high tech facility, [...]

Low Turn Over of Staff = A secure and stable foundation for children

Did you know the national average of turnover in child care staff is 30%!!! At Kangaroo Kids we are so fortunate to have an outstanding staff who year after year have demonstrated their commitment to children and families! We proudly boast that every lead teacher has been with Kangaroo Kids 7 or more years! Therefore [...]

Making A Decision Series: Keeping Your Child Safe in Preschool

Choosing a Preschool is an important first step in your child’s education. Teachers are the most important factor for creating a positive, caring educational environment for children. They also have an enormous influence on making children feel safe and secure. In addition, you want to be sure the environment where your child goes to school [...]

Making a Decision: Who is Teaching My Child? A Five Part Series on Choosing a Preschool

Research indicates preschool education has many benefits for children.  In addition to exposure to curriculum including literacy experiences, mathematical concepts, and science activities, a high quality preschool gives children the opportunity to learn how to socialize, to share and to contribute to society.  Making a sound decision about early childhood education is a crucial for [...]

Technology and Children

Technology definitely plays a role in today's world.  Even two year old children look on any screen as a touch screen.  It is important to make sure technology is used appropriately with young children.Here are a few good tips on Technology and Young Children and how to use it in a developmentally appropriate manner.Uncharted Territory: [...]

What Can Children Learn From Gardening

Kangaroo Kids are now reaping the harvest of their spring planting and the long hot summer of tending their garden.  They have a totally organic garden with many cucumbers, peppers, squash, pumpkins, mint, tomatoes, flowers, and herbs of all varieties.  Even the youngest two year olds have helped to care for the garden and it [...]

Summer Sensory Play

 If your child comes home  from preschool looking picture perfect everyday, it is time to delve into the kinds of activities the class is doing during the day!  Young children learn with all their senses and should have a variety of opportunities for exploration.  There will be times when children may get a little paint on their clothes or [...]

Summer Scientists

This week at Kangaroo Kids Summer Camp the theme is Science Sensations!  Here is an experiment we will do at school that you can do at home! It is called Geyser Blast Off!  All you need us a  2 liter bottle of Diet Coke and a pack of Mint Mentos! It is very sticky so make [...]

10 Ways to Teach Kids To Love America

Wondering how to teach your children about Independence Day?  Here are a few great ideas by Gary Drevitch from Parents Magazine.10 Ways to Teach Kids to Love AmericaNow is a great time to explain to your children what makes our country so special. By Gary Drevitch from Parents Magazine.  Also included is a link for fun projects you [...]