The World Is An Amazing Place

This age is truly the age of “Discovery!” Children are learning academic skills by leaps and bounds! Discovery Preschoolers learn through play, experimentation, observation and a vast array of curriculum experiences. Friendships are becoming an important aspect of their social interactions. They are forming friendships that will last for years to come.

Energetic, positive teachers are crucial for this age group. The team of Discovery Preschool teachers at Kangaroo Kids gently guide and encourage the children while fueling their spirit of adventure, their curiosity and their developing sense of self.

Discovery Preschoolers need time to ponder the world, to watch a caterpillar slither along or share a special moment with a friend. They need opportunities to make their own decisions during choice time and test their fine motor skills as they scribble artwork made especially for Mom. There are safe climbing structures for children to test their gross motor skills and cozy corners to cuddle in and contemplate life or read their favorite stories. The children dance to their favorite music, sing songs that add to their development of language, and also participate in many “hands on” learning experiences. Integrating as many of the senses as possible into learning activities gives a child’s brain tactile and kinesthetic memories as well as visual and auditory ones. They are also showing an interest in technology and have opportunities to explore another avenue of learning.

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Positive role models are important for Discovery Preschool. Their “pretend” play emulates those around them. Discovery Preschoolers are striving to be self-reliant and as they assert their growing independence they count on the understanding and attentiveness of the adults in their lives. Our teachers are energetic, patient and enthusiastic about children and the learning process. They look for teachable moments. They stimulate and encourage each child’s natural curiosity through engaged conversations and meaningful interactions. Teachers guide children in appropriate emotional and social behaviors and role model kindness and a sense of responsibility. They also play a critical role in the Discovery Preschoolers developing self-image as a competent human being. Discovery Preschoolers love the little responsibilities of helping teachers put away toys, water the plants or passing out snacks. These skills are the beginning of developing personal responsibility and feelings of self-worth. Activities designed to encourage their natural curiosity.

“Thanks you for your love and dedication! Our appreciation for all that you have done for our family and it will never be forgotten. You raise the standard of education to a new level and show your commitment each day by your creativity and passion for our children and learning.”
Michele and Matt Berberian, Kangaroo Kids, parents

Highlights of the Discovery Preschool curriculum include:

  • Developing social skills. Children practice sharing and getting along with others. They take pride in Discovery preschoolhelping and learn responsibility through tending their garden and other classroom jobs.
  • Weekly themes and letter and number of the month.
  • Language development opportunities. Children love reading and stories are an everyday adventure at Kangaroo Kids. Many even pretend to read to their teachers. Literary experiences also include letter recognition and the opportunity to create their very own books. Print rich educational opportunities fill the room with an emphasis on their name which is their first and most important literacy experience. The librarian also makes monthly visits to Kangaroo Kids to share the joy of books.
  • Foreign Language – Discovery Preschool children are exposed to Spanish throughout the year. They learn to sing songs in other languages besides English.
  • Social Skills – such as kindness to others, supporting your friends, and learning the importance of being a responsible member of the classroom, and developing Self Help Skills.
  • Shape and Primary Color Recognition.
  • Beginning math skills, including emerging counting skills, filling containers and dumping the contents, and sorting objects by various attributes.
  • Beginning science skills, are developed as children contemplate the stability of a bubble or create a miniature volcano or plant seeds in our garden. Teachers also stimulate the critical thinking process by providing opportunities for children to make choices, investigate and make predictions.
  • Nature experiences, including outdoor playtime and buggie walks to the local farm for some wonderful learning opportunities. They also love to plant and harvest in our Kangaroo Kids garden, hike to the stream, pick apples from their pretend apple tree!
  • Fitness and Music Activities beyond daily music activities to stimulate brain development and enhance vocabulary a specialized music teacher provides a music class each week as part of the regular curriculum.
  • Technology is used to enhance learning and introduce academic skills.
  • And, of course potty training!