Preschool years are a time of learning and growing. It is important time for learning through hands on experiences. Children have an opportunity to explore their world and expand their natural creativity in a an environment that is safe and stimulating. Kangaroo Kids provides exciting opportunities for individual explorations as well as meaningful small group interactions. All instruction is individualized to meet the needs of every child. We encorage parental involvement and strive to form a partnership with you to ensure the best experience for your child.

    Kangaroo Kids has a different theme every week upon which activities are centered around. In addition, every day there is a different letter, number, color, and math or science concept introduced.

    • Circle Time is a group gathering where children share ideas, conversations, and plans. Circle activities are designed to stimulate thinking, enrich their social skills and enhance their attention span. It gives children an opportunity to learn the art of communication and the confidence to speak in front of a group.

    • Story Time is designed to help children develop an appreciation and love of literature. Reading activities provide an opportunity to enhance children;s vocabulary and comprehension skills, and also expand their knowledge base.

    • Math Skills expand as children play with math related materials; they classify, compare, sort, order, and measure. They count and explore numbers with manipulative and hands-on experiences.

    • Computer Activities are introduced and basic concepts are presented for playing and learning. Proper use of the computer is also emphasized.

    • Foreign Language songs and stories are introduced in the preschool program, as well as exposure to a print-rich environment that includes Spanish.

    • Science Activities offer children many hands-on opportunities for observation, exploration, investigation, making predictions, and experimentation through the study of plant and animal life, the properties of magnents and water, and the study of nature.

    • Social Interactions are encouraged and guided to help children learn positive social skills, and concepts like sharing and taking turns.

    • Creative Activities include dramatic play where children learn to use their imagination and practice life skills. Art work helps youngsters creatively express their thoughts and feelings, as well as enhancing the fine motor skills they will need for writing skills. Block play provides many wonderful experiences for our future architects as they experience different concepts, such as size and shape discrimination, spatial relationships, number skills, balance, organization and cause and effect. Cooperative play skills, problem solving, and creativity are also promoted in block play.

    • Language and Reading-Readiness activities are presented each day through story time, songs, poems, books, and plays, and include letter recognition, phonics, and activities that promote a love of reading.

    • Fitness is promoted through exciting opportunities to dance and sing, as well as outdoor play in our large playground and walks to the local park and farm.

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