Learn About Our Waddlers Program

At this age, children are growing more inquisitive and are learning to explore the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the world around them. They learn through play, experimentation and observation, at their own pace. Waddlers and Toddlers learn best when they feel secure in a warm, loving environment. The relationships they establish with the friendly, caring teachers at Kangaroo Kids help give them the confidence to experiment and the security to meet their new challenges.

The curriculum at Kangaroo Kids provides the stimulation Waddlers and Toddlers need and lots of opportunities for exploration in a safe environment. They have the time to ponder the flight of a butterfly or to test their fine motor skills as they scribble artwork made especially for Mom.

There are safe climbing structures for children to test their gross motor skills and cozy corners to cuddle in and contemplate the world or read their favorite stories. The children can dance to their favorite music, sing songs that add to their development of language, and also participate in many “hands on” learning experiences. Integrating as many of the senses as possible into learning activities gives a child’s brain tactile and kinesthetic memories, as well as visual and auditory ones.

Positive role models are important for toddlers. Many times, their “pretend” play emulates those around them. Toddlers are striving to be self-reliant and as they assert their growing independence (“me do it”) they count on the understanding and attentiveness of the adults in their lives. Our teachers are energetic, patient and enthusiastic about children and the learning process. They look for teachable moments. They stimulate each child’s natural curiosity through engaged conversations and meaningful interactions. Teachers guide children in appropriate emotional and social behaviors and role model kindness and a sense of responsibility. They also play a critical role in the toddler’s developing self-image as a competent human being. Toddlers love the little responsibilities of helping teachers put away toys or passing out snacks. These skills are the beginning of developing personal responsibility and feelings of self-worth.

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“You turned their baby babble into words and then sentences, took their curiosity about the world and transformed them into interests and their silly scribbles into pieces of art we will cherish.”
Pina and Kevin, Kangaroo Kids parents

Highlights of the Waddler and Toddler curriculum include:

  • Developing social skills. Children practice sharing and getting along with others.
  • Weekly themes and letter and number of the month.
  • Language development opportunities. Children love reading and stories are an everyday adventure at Kangaroo Kids. Many even pretend to read to their teachers. Literary experiences also include phonological and print awareness, letter recognition. They have opportunities to create their very own books. The librarian also makes monthly visits to Kangaroo Kids to share the joy of books.
  • Activities designed to encourage their natural curiosity and sense of wonder.
  • Tactile and sensory learning experiences.
  • Developing Self Help Skills.
  • Shape and Primary Color Recognition.
  • Beginning math skills, including emerging counting skills, filling containers and dumping the contents, and sorting objects by various attributes.
  • Beginning science skills, as children contemplate the stability of a bubble or create a beautiful block structure. We also stimulate the critical thinking process by providing opportunities for children to make choices.
  • Nature experiences, including outdoor playtime and buggie walks to the local farm for some wonderful learning opportunities. The also help to plant and harvest our Kangaroo Kids garden.
  • Fitness and Music Activities beyond daily music activities to stimulate brain development and enhance vocabulary. In addition to daily classroom music opportunities, a specialized music teacher visits each week to provide a music class as a part of the regular curriculum.
  • And, of course potty training when ready.

Come and See Our Learning Environment With Your Own Eyes

You will be greeted with a warm welcome by two outstanding lead teachers with a combined total of over 31 years of experience at Kangaroo Kids! You will see why these two lead teachers were selected to presenters at major seminars for Early Childhood Educators throughout the state! The glow of smiles on the children’s faces will speak for itself!